2019 Mountain Trek


Rippleffect now offers four seasons of outdoor adventure through our Treks program.  Our Treks offer the height of Rippleffect wilderness adventure as Trekkers will have the opportunity to summit snowy White Mountain peaks, expedition paddle throughout Casco Bay’s Calendar Islands, backpack on the Appalachian Trail  and more!  With 3-day long weekend programs throughout the school year to 10-day multi-sport treks, these programs are designed to meet a wide range of interests and schedules for busy students.  Specific destinations will vary based on the season and the weather conditions.

Mountain Trek

In this new week-long offering, participants will set off to explore, learn, and adventure in the mountains. Mountain Trekkers will spend the first three-days base camped amongst the foothills of mountains they will climb while learning the skills necessary to complete a two-day, one-night backpacking trip at the end of their week. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice wilderness camping skills, backcountry cooking techniques, and mountain travel methods.

When is it?

Mountain Trek (Ages 13-16): July 15-19 (Mon-Fri)


Tuition is $585

Includes food, transportation, and all supplemental clothing and gear.