Rippleffect Blog: Week 6!

Welcome to Week 6 of the Cow Island Blog!


We had a great group of campers move on island this week. Project Morry filled the island with good vibes all weekend. As a partner program, they brought all their own group culture and traditions and combined them with the activities and rituals of Rippleffect. Participants were challenged by choice: one group successfully kayaked across to Long Island and were rewarded with a pier jump! Click here to read more about their time on the island. 

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Our high school environmental leadership program, CELP, spent most of the week out on their expedition. They camped on various Casco Bay islands and engaged in environmental service projects, like beach clean-ups. When the group made it back to Cow on Thursday afternoon, it was clear they had all grown so much closer. Stay tuned for more stories from CELP participants and their guides, Mira and Dan. 

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Portland Yacht Club arrived to Cow Island on Tuesday via sailboats. Starting out strong with a successful sail to Cow, students were open and eager to adventure, from the climbing wall to the ropes courses. Students enjoyed a relaxing pace, especially when they were the only group staying overnight. We love our partnership with the PYC and hope they have a summer filled with even more adventures! 


With the beautiful weather, the Zephyrs spent lots of time in the garden watering the plants and weeding- and the rest of their time exploring the beach and various coastal tidal pools. Ripples got competitive with our raft-building activity, planning hilarious songs to market their vehicles and giving their all in the race at Kayak Cove. Waves got super into paddling, especially after a successful paddle to Long Island accompanied by ice cream from the Long Island Market. Classic Cow Islanders enjoyed their time with guides Masha and Charlie - especially their overnight camp on Cow. 

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Intro to Mountains was a huge success! Lot of gorgeous weather made for sunny summits and high spirits. Guides Ben and Ally kept participants motivated and excited, with lots of fun and goofiness on the trail. Rippleffect covered mountains, islands, and then oceans this week with the Upper Paddle Trek. Participants experienced a challenging and satisfying schedule of heavy paddles and peaceful island camping. A favorite stop of the journey was on Merritt Island in West Bath, which offered the luxury of a compostable toilet and a large fire pit. 

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Beacon Consulting Group came on island for a lobster bake and team building. Seeing these adults work as a team, just as we often see campers over the summer, was fantastic. Beacon had great energy, drive, and a supportive attitude towards each other throughout the challenges. The lobster bake was enjoyed by all under our event tent and everyone left satisfied, happy, and with a little island spirit to carry them through the week. Thank you to Beacon for letting us work with all of you - it was a truly wonderful day! 

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