Project Morry

Ask most of the permanent staff of Rippleffect, and they’ll tell you that Project Morry’s visit is one of their favorite weekends of the year.


Project Morry has been a long-term partner of Rippleffect and every year, that partnership grows. We love every year how Project Morry’s program culture and traditions merge with Rippleffect’s, like when Project Morry taught their camp songs by the fire or included some of our staff members in their band ritual. We appreciate every year how our two programs can come together and create a cohesive community - and especially how we continue to learn from each other. 

This year’s group of participants was particularly notable for their kindness. They really embraced the Cow Island vibe: hours into being there, students were covering themselves in wildflowers or coated in sand and saltwater. With no access to showers all weekend, participants really embraced a rustic lifestyle for 2 nights and 3 days. Rippleffect and Project Morry staff worked really hard to make everyone feel comfortable and have a positive experience. 

Highlights of our programming included one group’s successful sea kayak and pier jump on Long Island. The open mic night on Saturday was spectacular and so much fun. We thank the 3 student emcees for doing an awesome job and all the students and staff who got up on stage. People shared poetry, sang, and even treated the crowd to a magic show. 

The weekend of fun came to a close with a warm fuzzy circle. Many thanks went around for peers and staff alike who supported each other and kept an open mind. As Project Morry participants make it back to their homes and communities, we know that their one weekend has made an impression on us. And we already cannot wait to see them again!