Rippleffect Blog: Week 5!

Week 4 was a quick one for us with the July 4th holiday falling during the week, so we’re moving on to Week 5 of the Cow Island Blog!

What a week it was out on Cow! There was lots of goofiness, energy, and can-do attitude as the weather went from stunningly sunny to big downpours for our Thursday overnights. 


We were particularly excited to have one of our favorite programs on island this week: Cow Island Environmental Leadership (CELP). This year’s CELP was a steady, hard-working presence on the island. They spent the week learning, working in the garden, and appreciating all the nature Cow has to offer. As part of their environmental leadership curriculum, CELP always completes an island service project. This year, their service project was to repair our goat path to the Hopper compostable toilet. The path now looks amazing - and is already getting good use. We thank them for their service to the community. Much of the project was hard work moving heavy rocks in and out of the path, and, in the spirit of environmental leadership, CELP completed their task with good teamwork, lots of sweat, and a little help from some power tools.


Across the way, Ripples were also engaging in community service clearing our rapidly-growing invasive bittersweet forest. Bittersweet is an invasive species that wraps its vines around tree limbs, eventually strangling them and killing trees both young and old growing on island. Guides taught the Ripples the proper clearing technique of separating the bittersweet from its roots. This way, the bittersweet will die and dry up and eventually drop out of the trees this fall. 

Waves had a particularly silly week - and an intense dedication to Danny Devito, which made for a hilarious buoy ceremony performance. They got a chance to kayak, zip line, and adventure all across Cow Island. At the end of the week, they made it through a rainy Thursday overnight for a beautiful last day on Friday.

image (7).png

Zephyrs had a blast all week - especially on Tuesday with a trip to Long Island. They took the Ripple motorboat across to Long, ate ice cream, rolled down the big hill, and took many many pier jumps. Although jumping off the pier was intimidating to a lot of them, it was wonderful to watch the Zephyrs support and challenge each other to have fun and take risks. 

By Friday, there were so many kayaks out one could barely see the grass. Boys and Girls leadership were both returning from their exciting, if sometimes wet, expos. Camp Morry, one of our longtime partners, arrived for a weekend of programming as well (next week’s blog will outline their weekend visit). 

Our open-enroll wrapped up in the afternoon with a classic Cow Island buoy ceremony and a gratitude circle led by Toby. Thank you to the guides and staff who make every week possible and to the participants for bringing the life to Rippleffect’s ongoing mission. 

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Beth Gaughan