Rippleffect Blog: Week 3!

University of New England Session #2


We enjoyed hosting the second round of University of New England orientation trips. It was amazing to watch the students grow, bond, and get to know each other through the week- and in preparation for their next four years together. Best of luck to all the rising freshman in the fall! 

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Islanders, Ripples, Waves, Youth Leadership Summit, and Zephyrs 


All our summer programs started small: islanders, ripples, waves, YLS, and zephyrs all got to do some pretty great adventuring this week, from rock climbing to sea kayaking to camping out on our very own Cow Island. The island lit up with life as campers romped across our trails and beaches. We’re already looking forward to the next week of fun! There are still some summer spots open, so check sign-ups at

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Upward Bound


USM’s Upward Bound program brought out about 40 rising high school upperclassmen to the island with three objectives: to build a more cohesive team, to bring trust and communication skills between peers, and to have a wicked fun outdoor experience. Through zip-line, paddling, kayaking, and just being out on Cow Island, the USM students and their adult staff worked towards these goals. This visit to Cow is part of the first week of their summer program, so we wish students and teachers a continued successful, growth-filled summer program!


CHEETA Project


Rippleffect had its first partner program with the Portland Housing Authority’s CHEETA project. The program itself works to  empower youth to make positive changes in their communities through stipended summer leadership positions giving them control and oversight of summer programs and community projects. Rippleffect held the first of three sessions with CHEETA this Thursday at their Sagamore Village community center. Rippleffect so enjoyed meeting this dynamic group of young people so excited to make positive change in their communities. Through facilitation and lots of games, Rippleffect provided support in thinking about how these young people can best be effective leaders in their communities. We believe both staff and students will be looking forward to their next time working together this summer. 

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Genentech, a biotech corporation, came out for a day of team-building and a lobster bake. We’re sure that our adults from Genentech had just as much fun as our young Zephyrs since the day was beautiful - and they had lobster in their bellies. Rippleffect was so glad to host these folks and support all they do to make the world a better, healthier place. 


Beth Gaughan