Danielle Wong: Make It Happen


The Make It Happen! program greatly appreciates our continuous relationship with Rippleffect.  Make It Happen! is a college readiness program that helps multilingual students build competitive academic and civic profiles for college admission and financial aid. Make It Happen! is currently in Deering High School, Portland High School, and Casco Bay High School. It operates on a 9-5 basis, allowing students to come in throughout the day (study hall, lunch, homeroom, and after school) to receive support, eat lunch, or simply recharge. Make It Happen! partners with various community partners, like Rippleffect, to help facilitate position relationships between them and the students. Every year, Rippleffect offers Make It Happen! Students full scholarships to some of Rippleffects most popular programs, such as Youth Leadership Summit, Cow Island Environmental Leadership Program, Classic Cow Journeys, and their Rippleffect Treks.

Make It Happen! students who participate in any of Rippleffects programming come back home with enduring lifelong memories and friends. Many of our students otherwise would never have the opportunity to take part in an activity like this without the assistance of Rippleffects team. Exposing the inner city students to the outdoors and learning about Maine’s ecosystem, becoming a part of the island community, performing activities such as sea kayaking, hiking, zip lining, exploring what it means today to be an environmental leader in society, and interacting with people that they normally never would all contribute to building a skill set that will help them become successful and globally competent in today’s world.

Beth Gaughan